I've been here for a while. Saw the days shorten and give way to the night. Saw the night crumple under the green light. Now the light is returning and I was too busy just looking to take the camera with me. A few of the times that I actually managed to press the button I ended up with piles and piles of images of the same things, over and over and over. A short selection is shown here, not necessarily the best but enough to give an idea of what I've seen.

The Emperors

Only been near them once so far on a day trip. They are friendly folk. They are curious folk. And they quickly take you in as one of their own... even if you're a little bigger.


Used during the winter trip, the tent provides shelter and warmth and within minutes becomes your home away from home. Lit and heated with a Tilley lamp it become a beacon of warmth in the evening air and also an iconic image of Antarctic exploration.


You can never say that the Antarctic desert does not have it's greenery. Only that here is shows up in the sky and its quickly changing branches are good only for the grazing of the eyes. Most obviously appeared in the sky whenever I was asleep or lazy or out of camera battery or with a full card. Eventually one or two did allow themselves to get caught and here they are, as the monkey captured them.

More might come if only I had the patience to sift through the piles of careless exposures while looking elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this far.